Micro-biogas plant in Łeba (Poland)

Implementation of the innovations in the scope of waste-to-energy and waste-to-fertiliser processing of the sewage sludge, aiming at reducing the negative impact on the environment in the coastal touristic region.

The project concerns the implementation of innovations within waste-to-energy and waste-to-fertiliser processing of sewage sludge and biodegradable waste aiming at equalising an environmental stress caused by touristic seasonality. The core of the project is sequential anaerobic digestion of the sewage sludge with an admixture of biodegradable domestic waste with the production of biogas and new bio-fertilisers.

Development works carried out by the Norwegian partner (Aquateam COWI) and polish scientific unit constitute the key aspect of the project. The project assumes education and knowledge transfer to other regions of seasonal character, which should ultimately influence the reduction of the nutrients runoff to the sea and prevent from the eutrophication.

As a result of development activities the partner will develop and optimize the co-digestion process of so far not processed by Łeba Water Company streams of waste in order to manage new waste in a dynamically developing coastal touristic region (e.g. domestic biodegradable waste, glycerine + grease, fish waste, catering/kitchen waste from hotel sector and tourism industry) and maximisation of biogas production, reduction of negative seasonality effects resulting from an uneven substrate-sludge inflow to the biogas plant off the season, i.e. October – April through the utilisation of e.g. grease from catering industry.

The primary objective of Aquateam activities:

  1. Evaluation of substrates availability.
  2. Optimisation of the substrate composition to achieve the highest biogas production process.
  3. Evaluation of P content in digestate.

Co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 under “Environmentally friendly technologies” program “Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation” – UWP-NORW. 19.01.01-22-0003/20-00.

Equalising environmental stress