BAT in fish processing industry. Nordic perspective

The main objective of the work was to show up that the fish processing industry in Nordic countries is producing according to technologies and methods that lead to the lowest possible impact to the environment.

This aim is achieved through formulation of conditions in environmental permits and licenses, which are as uniform as possible within the different industrial sector.

Best Available Techniques to ensure the minimum environmental impact without compromising the economic performance of the installation, have a strongly dynamic character, as they are highly affected by scientific and technical progress.

One question arising from BAT implementation is which BAT should be chosen in any specific case. BATs are selected based on technical feasibility, environmental benefits and economic profitability.

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Tomczak-Wandzel, R., Arctander Vik, E., Wandzel, T., (2015), BAT in fish processing industry. Nordic perspective, Nordic Council of Ministers 201, TemaNord 2015:566, ISSN 0908‐